Accessing an OCD Therapist Just Got Easier.   Taking OCD Apart Just Got Free.

With NOCD, you can now do Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) sessions with an OCD therapist and get free access to participate in the OCDeconstruct Conference.

Each session with a NOCD Therapist is done "face-to-face" using video-conferencing. Many people get better within 8 weeks of treatment.  

To start getting better, schedule a free 15-minute call with the NOCD team now.

Let Your Recovery Start Today

Your first NOCD session is a 90 minute diagnostic assessment. Then you'll have 7 weeks of ERP with a licensed OCD therapist.

In-between sessions you can use the NOCD platform to message your therapist, get support with therapeutic tools, and join an advocate-led community.

Once you start your therapy with a NOCD therapist, you'll be able to access the educational OCDeconstruct conference for free. 

NOCD Therapists Understand All Types of OCD...For Example: 

Harm OCD

Religious OCD

Contamination OCD

Intrusive thoughts about hurting others, including loved one

Obsessions that are based in religion, religious beliefs, morality, etc

Fear of contamination, sickness, germs, etc. 

Sexual Orientation OCD

Just Right OCD

Relationship OCD

Obsessing or constantly questioning your sexuality

Constantly questioning your romantic relationship

Constantly obsessing that this just doesn't feel right

Do ERP therapy with an OCD Therapist from NOCD 

Every NOCD Therapist is Managed by World Renowned OCD Psychologist, Dr. Patrick McGrath, Phd.

All NOCD therapists have specialty-training in OCD and ERP. They work directly with Dr. Patrick McGrath, PhD who has been treating OCD for 20+ years. Dr. McGrath is also the President of OCD Midwest, and prior to working with NOCD, he led Residential Treatment Services at Amita Health.

NOCD Grew Out of Stephen's Struggle with OCD in College

"I went from an award-winning college QB to housebound in 6 months due to misdiagnosed and untreated OCD.  I fortunately got OCD treatment, improved my mental health, returned to school, and finished my football career.  To help millions of others with OCD regain their life, I founded NOCD."

- Stephen Smith

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of NOCD

Get help. Find Hope.

The OCDeconstruct Conference was created by a parent of a teenager with OCD who wanted to make it easier for anyone to understand OCD.  OCDeconstruct is four hours of therapist-led videos covering diagnosis, therapy, intrusive thoughts, ERP, medication and family dynamics. It's been watched by over two-thousand people from over 65 countries.