Imagine if you weren't 

bothered by OCD thoughts

We'll help you regain peace of mind, no matter where you live or how busy your schedule is. NOCD's online treatment program can reduce OCD severity by as much as 40% in just 8 weeks

NOCD's online treatment helps you manage your thoughts 

Get video-based OCD therapy from one of our OCD-trained therapists, and constant support from our therapeutic tools and in-app community. With NOCD, you'll never be alone.


Treatment tools

OCD Therapist

Using the NOCD app's treatment technology, you can complete therapy exercises and get immediate help—even when your therapist isn't available.  

Message your therapist if you have questions between sessions. And our moderated in-app community is here to answer questions and offer support 24/7, even at odd hours.

After performing a diagnostic assessment to determine whether you have OCD, your therapist will guide you through evidence-based ERP and ACT therapy during biweekly video sessions.  

No matter what thoughts are bothering you, we're here. 

Just starting

Tortured by unwanted sexual thoughts for the past few 

months, Allison wants to know if she might have OCD.

Needs to be diagnosed by a licensed professional

Needs a therapist who's nearby, with no waitlist

Needs recommendations on what to do next 

Allison, 28

Seeking OCD-specific treatment

Matt knows his unwanted thoughts about his relationship come from OCD, but there isn't an OCD therapist nearby.

Needs to work with an OCD-trained therapist

Needs a personalized treatment plan

Needs an option that doesn't involve hours of travel

Matt, 41

Maintaining progress

With a demanding work schedule and young children, Naomi needs help that fits into her busy life.

Needs support when symptoms reemerge

Needs help staying motivated to prevent compulsions

Needs flexible treatment while traveling or at home with kids

Naomi, 34

How we know NOCD's online treatment works

We look closely at research outcomes to make sure our OCD treatment program is helping people feel better.

Initial results from a study at Columbia University Medical Center show NOCD's integrated treatment program was associated with 40% reduction in OCD severity in just 8 weeks. 100% of participants recommended it.

With the help of experts, we built OCD Therapy around exposure and response prevention, or ERP—the most effective form of therapy for OCD. And research demonstrates that video therapy is just as effective as in-person treatment.

Clinical Team

Our team of experienced clinicians are licensed mental health providers with specialized training in OCD. Whether you've never been diagnosed or you've been in therapy for years, our therapists can help you learn to manage your thoughts, right from the NOCD app.

Stephanie Lonsway, PhD

Clinical Director 

Ted Faneuff, LMSW, LISW-S

Jamie Feusner, MD

NOCD Chief Medical Officer

Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA

Director, UCLA OCD Intensive Program 

Same outcomes, more flexibility

Our comprehensive treatment program combines the most effective OCD therapy with daily support. And it all happens where you are, when you need it.

Traditional therapy

NOCD therapy



(billed every 8 weeks)

Diagnostic assessment

Diagnostic assessment

Therapy session

Therapy session

Daily support

Start with a diagnostic assessment for one payment of $100

(Traditional therapy: $200)

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