Do you think you might have OCD?

Unwanted thoughts and urges, along with repetitive behaviors, can be symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 

Schedule a 90-minute video session with an OCD-trained therapist to find out if you have OCD and what you can do about it. The service is currently limited to residents in Michigan who are 18 or older.

Harm OCD

Intrusive thoughts about hurting others, including loved one.

Religious OCD

Contamination OCD

Fear of contamination, sickness, germs, etc. 

Sexual Orientation OCD

Obsessing or constantly questioning your sexuality

Just Right OCD

Constantly obsessing that this just doesn't feel right

Relationship OCD

Constantly questioning your romantic relationship

People with OCD often think a lot about stuff like this:

Obsessions that are based in religion, religious beliefs, morality, etc.

Experience similar thoughts, fears & concerns?

Get a diagnostic assessment

During a 90-minute video session, one of our OCD-trained therapists will provide a focused clinical interview and help you understand whether you have OCD.

They'll give you a diagnostic assessment and make personal treatment recommendations.

Still Unsure? Call (312) 219-4704 for more information. 

What to expect

During your 90-minute video session, you'll work one-on-one with a licensed mental health professional (we call them NOCD Pros). Here's what to expect: 

• Clinical interview and additional assessment tools to assess OCD and related symptoms, and to better understand you as a whole.

OCD-specific self-report measures to assess symptoms and severity

Comprehensive interpretation of assessment results

Diagnosis and treatment recommendations

Referral to NOCD services and/or local treatment options (if needed)

Have your photo ID available for verification purposes.

NOCD is not intended to be used in an emergency or considered a replacement for emergency services. In case of an Emergency call 911 or refer to these additional resources.

Get personalized help from someone who really understands mental health.



Get a diagnosis and treatment recommendations from 

an OCD-trained therapist 

in just 90 minutes.

Real support starts with privacy. Our therapists adhere to strict professional and ethical confidentiality codes.



"OCD can be tricky to treat, and most people need guidance."

Dr. Feusner is Director of the UCLA Adult OCD Intensive Treatment program. 

Jamie Feusner, MD 

"I'll help you respond to your thoughts in a healthy way and re-engage in your life."

Ted has been providing clinical counseling services for the past 9 years. He has training in CBT and ERP for anxiety disorders and OCD.

Ted Faneuff, LMSW

"We have the knowledge and experience to help you feel better."

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Lonsway delivers individualized, high-quality, evidence-based treatments to her clients. She has particular expertise in the areas of anxiety and OCD.

Stephanie Lonsway, PhD

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